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Join Radiation Safety Institute of Canada for this 1-day complimentary workshop In collaboration with Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI).

This workshop is to experience an overview of the key elements that make up an effective root cause analysis on a high consequence and/or high significance nuclear event to help manage your future risk.


This eight-hour interactive workshop introduces a plain English overview to Root Cause Analysis based on ordinary logic and a High Reliability Organization’s (HRO) quality principles.

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to immediately apply the learning in their workplace.

This Workshop provides an overview of the causal analysis approach, and is not a causal analysis certification course.

During the workshop, participants will focus on an event scenario that does not require previous causal analysis specific knowledge to understand and analyze. Following an overview of selected tools, participants engage in group discussions and hands-on exercises that facilitate internalization of the subject. At the completion of each exercise, the facilitator will review how he applied the tool just discussed.

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Adverse events do happen, and in nearly all cases are preventable. Before we can effectively apply any root cause approach to ultimately minimize a repeat of the same or similar event, we need to understand

  • How events happen;
  • What causal analysis can, and cannot do, so our investigation goals are focused and realistic;
  • What specific analytical tools can do, so we select appropriate tools and apply them properly;
  • How to identify factors worth correcting, so we address the underlying issues without losing focus;
  • How to deine effective corrective actions, to add value and prevent event repetition;
  • How to oversee and measure corrective action implementation.


This workshop is intended for Project Managers in nuclear supplier organizations, Operations and Maintenance Managers, Safety Officers, Labour Management, General Managers, Craft Field Supervision, Radiation Protection Managers, Project Oversight Assessors, Managers responsible for safety and project performance, contractors who rely on the licensee to do their root causes, and especially nuclear supplier groups who are experiencing frequent consequential events and/ or close calls while supporting a nuclear facility’s major project.



Dr. Michael Quinn has invested over 40 years into the public health and safety of nuclear industry operations, entailing 25 years in power block operations at two nuclear power stations. Over the past 16 years he has been a consultant to the nuclear industry, engaged in the safe operation of nuclear units, as well as in the new build, refurbishment and decommissioning sectors of the nuclear industry while consulting to more than two dozen nuclear units and facilities in the US and Canada. Michael conducts assessments on operational/organizational events and investigates contractor incidents at nuclear power facilities; performs root cause evaluation on significant events; and has led recovery project management for nuclear licensees and suppliers.
He has provided root cause training to nuclear station staffs, large suppliers (e.g., NSSS and reactor plants); small nuclear suppliers (e.g., refurbishment, new builds); labour providers to nuclear projects; regulatory agencies (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority in 2017); and to non-nuclear HROs.


Note: at this workshop we can accept one participant per company.

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