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  Radon Chamber Price List

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Radon Chamber Price List


The 1st Canadian AARST- NRPP Certified Radon Chamber.

Your Trusted Partner for Quality Assurance and C-NRPP / NRPP certification requirements.


To Radon Measurement / Mitigation Professionals and Radon Analytical Laboratories, the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada National Laboratory, located in Saskatoon, offers its expert Radon Chamber services. Registered professionals need to make certain that their Quality Assurance (QA) process is effective. Annual equipment tests ensure that the instruments are performing well.  Proper QA is also essential for C-NRPP and NRPP re-certification.  With our expert radon chamber services it is easy to satisfy C-NRPP and NRPP certification requirements and stay on top of the internal QA process.



Our radon chamber, designed with the input from the world leading radon experts, is the only AARST-NRPP certified walk-in chamber in Canada.  With over 20 years of experience in the field, Brian Bjorndal MSc, Manager of our National Laboratories,  is responsible for the chamber operations. He is supported by a highly technical team of professionals, together they offer a wide range of performance testing, continuous radon monitor (CRM) calibrations and spike testing of passive devices.



In the chamber, the instruments are exposed for a predetermined time and the measured radon concentrations compared against our reference system.  Unless otherwise requested, we ran the tests at ambient temperature and humidity. These conditions can be changed upon request.


Choosing to work with the Canadian radon chamber, in addition to our professional and reliable service, you also benefit from up to  60% in savings compared to international providers*.

Services Provided



Calibration Verification and Efficiency Determination of Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM)

In accordance with the C-NRPP quality assurance requirements CRMs should be tested once a year. An annual performance test ensures your CRM is working properly and provides confidence that you are providing your clients with accurate test results and advice.  Annual performance tests also protect radon measurement professionals from unnecessary liabilities. To confirm and/or determine the calibration of continuous radon monitors the devices are exposed to a predetermined radon concentration. CRMs that agree with our reference system, within  +/-25%,  are considered to be operating properly.  Instruments that fail the performance test are tested a second time to confirm the results.   Verification report will be issued to the client upon test completion; verification sticker will be affixed to the monitor.

How to order

Service Fee

Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs)

□ Calibration Verification/Efficiency Determination of CRM                                        CDN$ 175

per Monitor


□ Calibration Verification/Efficiency Determination of CRM                                        CDN$ 150

per Monitor (> 3 Monitors)


Calibration of Sun Nuclear CRMs

The Institute is licensed to calibrate Sun Nuclear CRMs:  Model 1027™, Model 1028™ and Model 1030™ CRMs.  For Sun Nuclear CRM users a full spectrum of calibration service are available.  For more information visit: Sun Nuclear CRMs Calibration. 

How to order

Service Fee

  Sun Nuclear

Approved Full Calibration Service/ Exclusive Canadian Offering     CDN$ 175

per Monitor. Models Included: Model 1027™, Model 1028™ and Model 1030™ CRMs 


Calibration of Corentium Pro CRMs ( Airthings)

The Institute is licensed to calibrate  Airthings Corentium Pro Continuous Radon Monitors.

How to order

Service Fee

  Corentium Pro Calibration Services 

Approved Full Calibration Service/ Exclusive Canadian Offering     

Regular Service Fee          CDN$ 175/ per monitor (single device)

Regular Service Fee          CND$ 150/ per monitor (group of 3 devices)

Discounted Service Fee   CND$ 125/ per monitor

Discounted Service is only available on First business day of March and first business day of September. Your unit(s) must be at the lab at these exact dates. Regular service fee will apply to unit(s) delivered too late.


Calibration Verification and Efficiency Determination of ZnS Scintillation Cells

In addition to continuous radon monitors, the radon chamber is ready to accept  for calibration verification and efficiency determination other electronic integrating devices and other radon measurement devices such as radon ZnS scintillation cells.

How to order

Service Fee


Scintillation Detectors


□ Calibration Verification/Efficiency Determination of ZnS Scintillation Cells             CDN$ 250

per Scintillation Cell


□ Calibration Verification/Efficiency Determination of ZnS Scintillation Cells             CDN$ 200

per Scintillation Cell (> 3 Scintillation Cells)


□ Calibration Verification/Plateau/Efficiency/Background Determination                    CDN$ 200

per Device


Quality Control (QC) Spike Testing of Passive Radon Devices**

Done on an ongoing basis to verify the devices and measurement systems are still operating within your QA/QC standards and specifications.

If you are a registered CNRPP or NRPP analytical laboratory your quality control must include regular calibrations and device spike testing (3% of the total device volume).

How to order

Service Fee

Annual Subscription Plans

Most Popular

□ Monthly Tests                                CDN$ 1200/ year

Group of 1-10 Devices/month        (CDN$ 100/ month)


□ Quarterly Tests                              CDN$ 600/ year

Group of 3-10 Devices/ quarter      (CDN$ 150/ quarter)

Infrequent Tests Plans

□ Less than Quarterly Tests          CDN$ 250/ group

Group of 6-10 Devices


□ Less than Quarterly Tests          CDN$ 300/ group

Group of 1-5 Devices


Performance (Blind) Testing of Radon Detectors

A powerful quality assurance tool that enables device manufacturers/suppliers, laboratories and radon measurement providers to monitor or assess detector and measurement systems performance.

How to order

Service Fee

□ Performance Testing (Blind)      CDN$ 150

per Device

*Including current exchange rate and brokerage fees.
** A group of devices refers to passive radon monitors of the same manufacturer and model.
Shipment & Tax: Shipping and applicable taxes will be added.


TO ORDER THE TEST: fill out this Radon-Chamber-Test-Requistion-Form and send it along with your device to the Laboratory.

TO TALK TO A REPRESENTATIVE: Call us at 1-800-263-5803 (option 4) or (306) 975-0566 ext. 225 

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