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Enhanced radiation awareness and safety in workplaces and communities


As the world-class centre of excellence, RSIC promotes radiation safety and awareness through sharing science and best practice

Guiding Principle:

Good Science in Plain Language®

Organizational Values

    • Integrity
    • Independence and Impartiality
    • Scientific Excellence
    • Exceptional Service

The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada is committed to our guiding principles and organizational values. They represent our commitment to you to be an independent source for knowledge about radiation safety in the workplace, the community and the environment. Our sole concern is radiation safety. We don’t take sides in the debate over nuclear energy, but rather cooperate with all parties to promote radiation safety in workplaces of every kind, in homes and schools and in the environment.

Our guiding principle is our commitment to you to always consult the most authoritative sources we can find for sound scientific knowledge about the radiation safety concerns people bring to our attention.  And we provide this knowledge in plain language in response to such concerns.

We don’t tell people what to think or what to believe. We respect your freedom to decide for yourself what ought to be done. We work very hard, therefore, with “good science in plain language®”, to give you the ability (and the freedom) to make up your own mind.