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Radiation and EMF Surveys

One of the most effective ways to respond to employee concerns about radiation in the workplace is to have a systematic survey conducted by an independent expert like the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada. Our surveys measure the extent of exposure to radiation in the workplace from electromagnetic fields (EMF), X-rays, airborne environmental radon and many other radioactive materials.

Over three decades of service excellence

The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada has been conducting workplace radiation surveys for a variety of clients since 1983. We match this invaluable track record with our scientific and technological excellence. Best of all, our results, reports and recommendations are presented in plain language and can readily be understood by management and communicated to employees. Contact us today to discuss your Consulting needs Types of Surveys:

EMF Surveys

Perhaps the most controversial (and most misunderstood) radiation safety issue today is EMF (electromagnetic fields). The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada is at the forefront of this contentious workplace issue. We have a long and distinguished history of expertise in this area and have conducted numerous workplace surveys for a range of public and private sector clients. Our EMF survey measures the actual level of EMF and determines the level of radiation exposure within your workplace. The survey includes measurements of EMF emissions from:

  • computer monitors
  • control room equipment
  • telecommunications equipment
  • power supply units and other electrical equipment

We can also assess the general workplace environment for the presence of EMF. Every workplace assessment includes a detailed report of our findings. The report, written in plain language, includes an educational introduction to the nature of electromagnetic radiation and EMF exposure guidelines, together with detailed survey data, analysis of results, floor plans, etc. The report also includes recommendations for corrective actions, if required. Contact us today to learn more.

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NORM Surveys

Oil and gas operations may bring to the surface naturally occurring radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium, radium 226 and radium 228. A quality NORM survey will detect radiation, its location and source. Armed with this information you can make better safety decisions for your workplace in order to decide on the necessary protection levels and control measures.

Our experienced scientific staff can carry out a tailor-made NORM survey and help you address your NORM hazards.

Ready To Do Your Own NORM Surveys?

A quality NORM Program, combined with worker awareness training, allows you to carry out your own NORM surveys. Talk to us today and let our compliance specialists develop a customized NORM Program to start reducing costs.

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Radon Surveys

Certain kinds of industrial and environmental work sites require frequent or continuous monitoring (called “area monitoring“) to ensure that radiation levels are maintained below regulatory exposure limits and guidelines.

Typical of common radiation hazards that may require such monitoring is the presence of radioactive radon and thoron gases and of breathable radioactive dust in the air.

The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada has the scientific and technical expertise and the specialized laboratories and equipment to carry out workplace monitoring for all of these potential radiation hazards.

We can supply the service for short or extended periods, as required. Dr. Fergal Nolan National Laboratories are the only laboratories in North America specially designed and equipped to support this kind of workplace monitoring.

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