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X-Ray Safety Plan Templates for Ontario Reg. 861

To support stakeholders in Ontario workplaces who utilize x-ray equipment under 1 MeV in non-healthcare settings, we have developed a number of X-Ray Exposure Control Program and Safety Policies Manual templates. These are based on the requirements of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation 861/90: X-Ray Safety, and Regulation 420/21: Notices and Report Under Sections 51 to 53.1 of the Act – Fatalities, Critical Injuries, Occupational Illnesses and Other Incidents, as well as best practices and standards for x-ray safety.

These documents are permitted to be downloaded and modified to suit the needs and procedures of the organization for which they are used. They are provided without warranty. Copyright of the original material is maintained by the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada under CC BY-NC-SA. This means you may use it for internal purposes; but, if you share the document elsewhere, it must be for non-commercial purposes, you must acknowledge where it came from, and also share it under CC BY-NC-SA.

By utilizing these documents, you acknowledge that you are required to check for and implement any updates to the legislation made since August, 2022.

User Guide

Instructions for Updating Templates

Plan Templates

XYZ Corp X-ray ECP and Safety Program Analytic

XYZ Corp X-ray ECP and Safety Program Cabinet

XYZ Corp X-ray ECP and Safety Program Industrial Radiography or Fluoroscopy

XYZ Corp X-ray ECP and Safety Program Veterinary

RSIC also has resources to help with the completion of your X-ray plan application with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development, found here.