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Radiation Program Development & Review

Want to work with radioactive sources?

Beneficial uses of radiation are widespread in many sectors, for example:

  • Medicine (e.g. radioisotopes, etc)
  • Academics
  • Construction (e.g. nuclear gauges, industrial radiography)
  • Agriculture
  • Archaeology and geology (e.g. carbon dating)
  • Law enforcement
  • Manufacturing (e.g. sterilization, non-destructive testing)
  • Power generation

However, improperly handled radioactive sources can lead to excessive exposure to radiation, which in turn may have negative effects on your staff’s health (radiation burns, increased risk of cancer, etc) and have legal implications for your company (worker liability claims, license revocation, penalty fees, etc). The use of radioactive materials is therefore strictly regulated in Canada by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). In most cases, you must obtain a license from the CNSC before radioactive materials can even be purchased.

The CNSC requires all license applicants to demonstrate that radioactive materials or nuclear technologies in their possession meet federal regulatory requirements for health, safety, security and environmental protection. The process of obtaining a license from the CNSC is labour intensive. In addition to preparing the actual license application, you will have to develop a Radiation Protection Program that answers the specific needs of your workplace. If developing such a program is not a part of your everyday job, the task may be very daunting and the process of obtaining a license lengthy.

Businesses and institutions that use licensed radioactive materials or radiation devices are required by law to submit appropriate documentation on a regular basis to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), the federal regulator of nuclear substances. Radiation Safety Manuals and CNSC license applications are typical examples of such documentation.

Failure to fulfill regulatory requirements can lead to significant financial and other penalties. Given the highly technical nature of these requirements, many organizations lack the resources and expertise to produce these critical documents. We can help by stepping in to develop Radiation Safety Manuals tailored to your business needs and offer expert assistance to aid you in the process of applying for CNSC licenses.

Let us help you!

If your concern is preparing a radioisotope license application, documenting a management program for radiation sources, or producing written procedures for radiation monitoring or personal dosimetry, we can help. In fact, we can help in almost any area in which regulatory documentation is required and will ensure that the required documentation is supplied on time to federal and provincial regulators.

Our professional scientific staff has extensive experience in preparing and submitting documentation to comply with Canadian regulatory requirements. Over the years we have helped many clients to develop Radiation Safety Programs, prepare quality Radiation Safety Manuals and CNSC license applications. We are trusted by our customers to deliver the best-in-class radiation safety materials for an array of industries. We have worked with clients representing health care, pharmaceuticals, education, manufacturing, mining, automotive and power generation industries, to name a few.

If you need to apply for a new CNSC license or renew an existing one, we can help by assisting you throughout the whole application process: from the initial assessment to the moment you receive your license, with minimal time commitment on your part. The scientific staff at the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada has over 20 years of experience developing Radiation Safety Programs, Radiation Safety Manuals, and CNSC license applications. All of the license applications developed by the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada for clients in the healthcare sector, pharmaceutical companies, the mining industry, construction, etc, have been accepted.

How we do it

Before the CNSC license application is prepared, our scientists will develop a customised Radiation Protection Program, encompassing all applicable policies and procedures necessary to satisfy the CNSC license application requirements. Such policies and procedures will be amalgamated into a Radiation Safety Manual, which covers, for example:

  • How you plan to order, receive, use, inventory and eventually dispose of radioactive material
  • How much radiation dose you expect your workers to receive annually
  • Where you are planning on posting radiation warning signs
  • What your security/access control measures are
  • What instruments and procedures you have to detect leaks or contamination
  • How you will report on your activities to the CNSC
  • How frequently you will inspect your facilities
  • What training will be offered to your staff to insure they are knowledgeable and use the sources in a safe manner

The Manual will then become the central element of your Radiation Safety Program. Every license application and every Radiation Safety Program is unique; the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada team will take the time to understand your particular needs, circumstances and your environment. A detailed project proposal will be developed for your approval before any work begins.

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