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Lunch, Learn, and Dance Wellness Webinars

Taking a whole-body view to wellness, we have developed a series of webinars which are being presented from February until June, 2021. Each webinar will include a half-hour long information session in a topic pertaining to radiation safety and a half-hour dance session to get you moving. Each will begin at 12:00 PM Eastern with our Liaison Scientist, Lynn MacDonald, and feature one of the dance studios in the Greater Toronto Area beginning at 12:30. Join us at noon or at 12:30, as often as you like throughout the winter and spring. To register for the webinars, please click on the links in the table below. Once the webinar has been presented, a link to the video, slide deck, and Q&A will be available in the table replacing the registration link.

DateTopicDescriptionRegistration Link/Link to Video & Notes
Understanding RadiationIn our first webinar, we give an overview of  matters concerning radiation and radiation safety for workers and other members of the public.Video:
PDF Slides: Understanding Radiation
Q&A: Understanding Radiation Q&A
Radiation Awareness for Health Care WorkersIn this session, we introduce some fundamental concepts of radiation safety as it applies to a health care setting.Video:
PDF Slides: Radiation Awareness for Health Care Workers
Uses of RadiationRadiation is used in many different ways. Discover where you might encounter radiation in the workplace and the community based on industry and type of radiation.Video:
PDF Slides: Uses of Radiation
Health Effects of Exposure to RadiationWhat are the health effects of being exposed to radiation, and how is this determined? Join this webinar to find out.Video:
PDF Slides: Health Effects of Exposure to Radiation
Q&A: Health Effects of Exposure to Radiation Q&A
Radiation Safety in the Operating RoomThis webinar provides an overview of sources of radiation, health effects of radiation, radiation protection principles, radiation safety, and dosimetry as it applies to the operating room setting.Video:
PDF Slides: Radiation Safety in the Operating Room
Q&A: Operating Room Q&A
PPE and DosimetryLearn how PPE and dosimetry are used to protect workers from exposure to radiation in the workplace.Video:
PDF Slides: PPE and Dosimetry
Mathematics ReviewBrush up on the mathematics skills related to half-lives, shielding, and cancer risk. Topics include exponents, logarithmic functions, and probability.Video:
PDF Slides: Mathematics Review
Regulatory Bodies and International AgenciesWho ensures that radioactive sources and x-ray machines are used safely in the workplace? This webinar will cover agencies in Canada and around the world responsible for radiation safety, their particular responsibilities, and the resources they provide.Video:
PDF Slides: Regulatory Bodies and International Agencies
EMF & WifiLearn about EMF and Wifi: what they are, sources, health effects, and exposure guidelines.Video:
PDF Slides: EMF and WiFi
Q&A: EMF and WiFi Q&A
RadonWe are all exposed to radiation daily. Radon is an odourless, colourless, radioactive gas which can build up inside buildings. Learn what it is, how it is detected, and how to mitigate for it.
Laser SafetyThe webinar will explain how light and lasers work, the health hazards associated with using lasers, and the principles of laser safety.
Radiation Safety Issues in PET/CTThis webinar will give an overview of PET vs. conventional nuclear medicine, reducing staff dose, and reducing dose to patients.
NORM AwarenessLearn about naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) and the Canadian NORM guidelines.
Mining – All About Airborne HazardsThis webinar covers aspects of radon, diesel, and silica awareness for workers in the mining industry.
UltravioletThis session will explain what ultraviolet light is, what it can be used for, and health concerns due to exposure to UV light.


During the months of March and April, our dance partner is Araguacu Latin Dance Company. Araguacu is a professional dance company that was founded in 2013, in Toronto, Canada, by Directors Geo and Kim. It is a fusion of diverse cultures and talents that aims to stay true to the origins of dance, while fusing it with their own unique style of expression. We look forward to working with their dance instructors.


Find the recordings of past webinars here:

May 26, 2017Foundations of an X-Ray Safety Program for Industrial X-Ray Users
Jun 21, 2017Introduction to Radon for High Water Use Facilities
Jun 29, 2017Safety in Fluoroscopy for Staff and Patients
Jul 13, 2017Radiation Safety in the Workplace
Aug 9, 2017Foundation of a Radiation Safety Program (Nuclear)