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Radiation Safety and Wellness Webinars

Based on the feedback from the Lunch, Learn, and Dance Wellness Webinar series, we are back with more. People had different ideas of how to improve the series; we were asked for webinars with guest speakers, technical webinars for those working in the field, and to continue webinars for a general audience. They also wanted variety in the wellness portion. One thing was common: everyone said we should continue. Similar to our previous series, we are continuing to bring you radiation safety content along with wellness sessions to support your overall well-being.

The upcoming series will be comprised of 12 webinars between November 2021 until the end of August 2022. As the series develops, information about the sessions will be posted here and on our social media sites. As they complete, we will change the registration links to a link to the video recording and any resource materials. We’re glad to be back, and hope you can join us!

Date & Topic Description Video & Notes
Nov 30, 2021:
In our first webinar of our new series, Pam Warkentin from the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) and Kelley Bush from Health Canada join us to discuss why and how you should test your home for radon, and what to do with the results. This 40-minute discussion was followed by a 20-minute mindfulness session facilitated by Theresa Meikle of Mindful Pathways.

PDF Slides: Radon
Q&A: Radon Q&A
Radon Resources: Radon Resources

April 13, 2022:
Global Systems of Radiation Protection
Since the war in Ukraine began, there have been several incidents of concern regarding the safety of nuclear power plants in the country, including at Chornobyl. News stories have varied sources mentioning different organizations, many of which may be unfamiliar. This webinar speaks to radiation protection in the nuclear industry on a global level.
After an introductory presentation, Mike Haynes, Health Physicist and consultant with the Institute, answers questions about health physics, radiation protection in the nuclear industry, the global efforts to ensure safety, and how to find reliable sources of information as the story unfolds. He also takes questions from the participants.Mandel Fraser of PowerYoga West in Prince Edward Island leads us through yoga and meditation exercises for the wellness portion.

PDF Slides: Global Systems of Radiation Protection

April 28, 2022:
National Day of Mourning
The 3rd webinar in our Radiation Safety & Wellness Webinar series recognizes the National Day of Mourning on April 28, 2022. On this day we acknowledge and remember all workers who have been injured, become ill, or passed away as a result of their work.
The webinar includes a short presentation which gives an overview of the history of nuclear power and uranium mining at Elliott Lake. This is followed by an interview and Q&A with John Perquin, retired Assistant to the International Secretary-Treasurer, United Steelworkers and one of the members of the Board of the Institute. Mandel Fraser of PowerYoga West in Prince Edward Island leads the wellness session including yoga and meditation practices.

PDF Slides: National Day of Mourning

May 19, 2022, noon Eastern:
Preparing for an X-Ray Inspection in a Health Care Setting
Our guest, Lothar Doehler, radiation protection consultant at RadiationProtectionGuy, has extensive radiation protection experience with both the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Labour, Training, and Skills Development (MLTSD) in Ontario. Lothar spoke to the expectations found within the HARP Act and Regulation 543 (Ontario) and discussed best practices in running an x-ray safety program and preparing for an inspection. While the requirements for an x-ray inspection vary by province, anyone interested in the topic can learn from someone who has worked at a senior level in this field. During the interview with Mr. Doehler, discussed topics such as facility organization, the role of the Radiation Protection Officer, worker credentials, and the powers of inspectors and answered questions from participants. Mandel Fraser of PowerYoga West in Prince Edward Island leads the 20-minute wellness break. Video and supporting materials on their way. Check back soon!
May 26, 2022, noon Eastern:
Solar Radiation and Sun Safety at Work
To help outdoor workers prepare for increased exposure to sunlight in the coming months, we will be speaking with Dr. Cheryl Peters, PhD, about occupational exposures to solar radiation. One of her many roles is as the principal investigator at CAREX Canada, a multidisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in Canadians’ exposures to known and suspected carcinogens. Cheryl will speak to outdoor workers’ increased risk of exposure to solar radiation, the largest industrial groups exposed, level of exposure and the impact of these exposures, occupational exposure limits for solar radiation in Canada and internationally, as well as best practices for employees and workplaces to lower the associated cancer risk that comes from working outdoors. She will also speak about CAREX Canada, their research focus, and resources available for the public, workers, and employers. Our 20-minute wellness break led by Mandel Fraser of PowerYoga West in PEI.

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Lunch, Learn, and Dance Wellness Webinars

Taking a whole-body view to wellness, we developed a series of 15 webinars which were presented from February until June, 2021. Each webinar included a half-hour long information session in a topic pertaining to radiation safety and a half-hour dance session to get us moving. Below are links to recordings of the information session portion of the webinars along with supporting materials.

Date Topic Description Link to Video & Notes
Understanding Radiation In our first webinar, we give an overview of matters concerning radiation and radiation safety for workers and other members of the public. Video:
PDF Slides: Understanding Radiation
Q&A: Understanding Radiation Q&A
Radiation Awareness for Health Care Workers In this session, we introduce some fundamental concepts of radiation safety as it applies to a health care setting. Video:
PDF Slides: Radiation Awareness for Health Care Workers
Uses of Radiation Radiation is used in many different ways. Discover where you might encounter radiation in the workplace and the community based on industry and type of radiation. Video:
PDF Slides: Uses of Radiation
Health Effects of Exposure to Radiation What are the health effects of being exposed to radiation, and how is this determined? Join this webinar to find out. Video:
PDF Slides: Health Effects of Exposure to Radiation
Q&A: Health Effects of Exposure to Radiation Q&A
Radiation Safety in the Operating Room This webinar provides an overview of sources of radiation, health effects of radiation, radiation protection principles, radiation safety, and dosimetry as it applies to the operating room setting. Video:
PDF Slides: Radiation Safety in the Operating Room
Q&A: Operating Room Q&A
PPE and Dosimetry Learn how PPE and dosimetry are used to protect workers from exposure to radiation in the workplace. Video:
PDF Slides: PPE and Dosimetry
Mathematics Review Brush up on the mathematics skills related to half-lives, shielding, and cancer risk. Topics include exponents, logarithmic functions, and probability. Video:
PDF Slides: Mathematics Review
Regulatory Bodies and International Agencies Who ensures that radioactive sources and x-ray machines are used safely in the workplace? This webinar will cover agencies in Canada and around the world responsible for radiation safety, their particular responsibilities, and the resources they provide. Video:
PDF Slides: Regulatory Bodies and International Agencies
EMF & Wifi Learn about EMF and Wifi: what they are, sources, health effects, and exposure guidelines. Video:
PDF Slides: EMF and WiFi
Q&A: EMF and WiFi Q&A
Radon We are all exposed to radiation daily. Radon is an odourless, colourless, radioactive gas which can build up inside buildings. Learn what it is, how it is detected, and how to mitigate for it. Video:
PDF Slides: Radon
Q&A: Radon Q&A
Laser Safety The webinar will explain how light and lasers work, the health hazards associated with using lasers, and the principles of laser safety. Video:
PDF Slides: Laser Safety
Q&A: Laser Safety Q&A
Radiation Safety Issues in PET/CT This webinar gives an overview of what PET/CT is, the types of ionizing radiation used in PET/CT, doses, and radiation safety concerns. It includes a number of resources for PET/CT safety, including the initiative. Video:
PDF Slides: Radiation Safety Issues in PET/CT
References & Resources: PET/CT R&R
NORM Awareness Learn about naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) and the Canadian NORM guidelines. Video:
PDF Slides: NORM Awareness
Mining – All About Airborne Hazards This webinar covers aspects of radon, diesel, and silica awareness for workers in the mining industry. Video:
PDF Slides: Mining – All About Airborne Hazards
References and Resources: Mining Airborne Hazards R&R
Q&A: Mining Airborne Hazards Q&A
Ultraviolet This session will explain what ultraviolet light is, what it can be used for, and health concerns due to exposure to UV light. Video:
PDF Slides: Ultraviolet
References and Resources: Ultraviolet R&R

Find the recordings of past webinars here:

Date Description
May 26, 2017 Foundations of an X-Ray Safety Program for Industrial X-Ray Users
Jun 21, 2017 Introduction to Radon for High Water Use Facilities
Jun 29, 2017 Safety in Fluoroscopy for Staff and Patients
Jul 13, 2017 Radiation Safety in the Workplace
Aug 9, 2017 Foundation of a Radiation Safety Program (Nuclear)