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At this time, this public course is being offered online only. Commissioned training can be held online or in-person.

This 1-day (8 hours) awareness course is designed to ensure that workers have a good understanding of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) including its origins, a basic understanding of radiation and its associated potential health hazards, and how to detect NORM and control radiation exposures. This provides workplaces with confidence to manage their personal safety in environments where NORM is potentially an issue.

How You Learn

The course is delivered in face-to-face format in our training facility in Toronto and Saskatoon or at your site by our skilled team of teachers are experienced educators. Appropriate refreshment breaks are included. Your learning is enhanced by lively discussions and activities.

You will receive a binder containing the course presentation slides.

Subjects Covered

  • Knowledge of NORM origins
  • A basic understanding of radioactivity and the associated health hazards
  • Familiarity with measures to control radiation exposure and limit risk
  • An introduction to the use of radiation detection instrumentation
  • An understanding of Health Canada’s Guidelines for the Management of NORM

NORM Surveys

Oil and gas operations may bring to the surface naturally occurring radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium, radium 226 and radium 228. A quality NORM survey will detect radiation, its location and source. Armed with this information you can make better safety decisions for your workplace in order to decide on the necessary protection levels and control measures.

Our experienced scientific staff can carry out a tailor-made NORM survey and help you address your NORM hazards.


Ready To Do Your Own NORM Surveys?

A quality NORM Program, combined with worker awareness training, allows you to carry out your own NORM surveys. Talk to us today and let our compliance specialists develop a customized NORM Program to start reducing costs.


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  • Sep 23, 2024 *Online* 9am CST Start Time
    September 23, 2024
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