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X-Ray Safety Officer Course in Western Canada


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For the first time, our nationally recognized X-ray Safety Officer (XSO) course is being offered in Vancouver. For our clients in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan taking advantage of this premier educational product is now easier than ever.

Xray FrontDon’t miss this 2017 opportunity to join us in one of the most scenic cities in the world to enjoy west coast and get XSO certified! See you in Vancouver on June 21, 2017.

Why Take the Course?

If your workplace has a medical or an industrial X-Ray source, a designated person should be made responsible for workplace safety. Understanding the potential radiation hazard and being fully aware of regulations governing the use of X-ray equipment are key to the successful implementation of an x-ray safety program and regulatory compliance. Our 3-day X-Ray Safety Office Course is uniquely tailored to address Health Canada Code 35 and provincial regulations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Our XSO course graduates are eligible for the following continuing education credits, if applicable:

The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists 17.75 Category A credits *

*CAMRT Credits are recognized by the ARRT, The ASRT, and all Provincial Associations under the CAMRT umbrella.

Topics covered include:

  • Health Canada Safety Code 35
  • Provincial Regulations
  • Radiation quantities and units
  • Biological and health effects of exposure to X-rays
  • X-ray systems, X-ray imaging and safety surveys
  • X-rays: radiation made by machine
  • Radiation detection

XSO is not for you?

If you find that XSO course is not what you need, please take a moment to look at other radiation safety courses we offer: Radiation Safety Awareness Education and Employee Radiation Safety Training