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Price Qty
Toronto September 17-21, 2018$2,199.00 (CAD)  Sold Out
Toronto November 26-30, 2018$2,199.00 (CAD)  Sold Out
Toronto February 25-March 1, 2019$2,199.00 (CAD)  
Toronto April 29-May 3, 2019$2,199.00 (CAD)  
Saskatoon May 13- May 17, 2019$2,199.00 (CAD)  
Toronto June 10-14, 2019$2,199.00 (CAD)  
Toronto September 30-October 4, 2019$2,199.00 (CAD)  
Toronto November 25-29, 2019$2,199.00 (CAD)  

Our five-day Radiation Safety Officer (RSO-1) training is the premiere course of its kind in Canada and is (more…)

Price Qty
Toronto April 12, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  Expired
Toronto June 5, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  Expired
Toronto October 4, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  Expired
Toronto December 6, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  
Toronto April 16, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  
Toronto October 10, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  
Toronto December 5, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  

This radiation safety training course will provide employees with the fundamental knowledge required to work safely in the vicinity of open and sealed radiation sources. This course was developed to meet the training requirements of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). There are several convenient ways to take advantage of this unique course. You can arrange (more…)

Price Qty
Saskatoon March 6, 2018$450.00 (CAD)  Expired
Saskatoon May 29, 2018$450.00 (CAD)  Expired
Saskatoon July 31, 2018$450.00 (CAD)  Expired
Saskatoon November 1, 2018$450.00 (CAD)  Expired
Saskatoon March 5, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  
Saskatoon Jun 6, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  
Saskatoon July 29, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  
Saskatoon Oct 29, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  

Radiation Safety for Nuclear Gauge Users is a one-day worker training solution, that would benefit staff, employers and RSOs by providing a quality education session. It would be interesting to all employees who interact with nuclear gauges in a workplace: Gauge operators, drivers transporting portable sources, persons working in close proximity to the gauges, etc. (more…)

Price Qty
Saskatoon Sep. 11-12, 2018$895.00 (CAD)  Expired
Vancouver Oct. 18-19, 2018$895.00 (CAD)  Sold Out
Toronto Nov. 6-7, 2018$895.00 (CAD)  Sold Out
Toronto April 9 – 10, 2019$895.00 (CAD)  
Saskatoon September 17 – 18, 2019$895.00 (CAD)  
Toronto, November 5 – 6, 2019$895.00 (CAD)  

Our two-day Radiation Safety Officer Refresher (RSO-2) training is designed for RSO-1 graduates to reinforce and revive (more…)

Price Qty
Toronto April 11-12, 2019 - 20% Discount until January 1, 2019$895.00 (CAD)  

This two-day Certificate Program introduces radiation therapy shielding design principles and methods that will equip medical physicists with knowledge necessary to prepare successful CNSC submissions (more…)

Price Qty
Toronto April 5, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  Expired
Toronto May 31, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  Expired
Toronto October 2, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  Expired
Toronto December 4, 2018$595.00 (CAD)  
Toronto March 14, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  
Toronto September 10, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  
Toronto November 14, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  

This one-day course is designed for employees who work with x-ray sources. Participants will acquire knowledge of practical and effective measures designed to protect against excess radiation exposure from x-rays. There are several convenient ways to take advantage of this unique course. You can arrange for one of our instructors to come to your workplace and teach the (more…)

Price Qty
Toronto March 20-22, 2018$1,399.00 (CAD)  Sold Out
Vancouver October 15-17, 2018$1,399.00 (CAD)  Expired
Toronto October 23-25, 2018 *Limited spaces available. Please contact 1-800-263-5803 to register.$1,399.00 (CAD)  Sold Out
Toronto March 26-28, 2019$1,399.00 (CAD)  
Toronto, October 22 – 24, 2019$1,399.00 (CAD)  

If you are responsible under provincial and federal regulations for the safety of employees exposed to X-rays (more…)

Price Qty
Toronto May 13, 2019$595.00 (CAD)  

This refresher course is a one-day course designed to help employers with industrial or medical X-Ray equipment across Canada to continue satisfying their regulatory obligations. The regulators, both federal and provincial, expect that a qualified person will be designated as an X-Ray Safety Officer by the employer. (more…)

Price Qty
Learning CD$299.00 (CAD)  

Did you know YOU can teach your co-workers the basics of radiation safety? The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada has developed new Employee Training Modules that allow you to enhance your company’s radiation safety program and create a true radiation safety culture in your workplace. Best of all, you are the teacher! Subjects Covered There (more…)